About Us

North London Cares is a community network of young professionals and older neighbours offering one another a little extra time, practical help, social connection and human companionship.

Our work tackles the growing problem of isolation and loneliness in our capital city, to help improve the confidence, resilience, skills and connections of all participants so that old and young can better navigate a rapidly changing modern world, and to bring people together across long-standing social and generational divides.

We do this because north London is a place of social extremes. The boroughs in which we work, Camden and Islington, contain some of the best connected people in Britain – high-flying graduates working in finance, media, the law, PR and fashion – but also some of the most isolated, with particular challenges to do with deprivation, loneliness, depression and anxiety. Often, these two groups live side-by-side, but hardly ever interact.

That wastes human potential, perpetuates social division, entrenches isolation and is ultimately corrosive for our society.

In a city moving and changing faster than ever, trends which deepen urban anonymity such as globalisation, gentrification, migration, the housing bubble and digitisation may be outside our individual control; but within that context we can all do more to stay connected to one anothers' unique but shared experiences.

In particular, we know that while older people can have deep roots but few connections, young professionals may have hundreds of connections but few roots. Clearly, older and younger neighbours have so much to gain from one another – in friendship, wisdom, humour, personality, play and an understanding of local and global changes.

That's why we created North London Cares in 2011, to connect people and to build a community network across the social and generational lines – one that can benefit everyone who participates and the whole community.

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How we work

North London Cares operates at the intersection of the public, private and community sectors. Together with Camden and Islington Councils, local businesses, other charities and social enterprises in the voluntary sector, healthcare providers and commissioners, community groups and individuals, North London Cares' projects break down many of the modern-day barriers to social interaction – connecting people who may not normally interact and bringing our communities closer together.

North London Cares' dynamic programmes:

  • Provide extra help for our more isolated neighbours by building trusted local support networks;
  • Create exciting opportunities for people to share time, skills, stories, cultural exchange, food and friendship;
  • Facilitate a resurgence of neighbourliness within – and across – Camden and Islington;
  • Make it simple, quick and hassle-free for young professionals to get to know their older neighbours.

That’s why our tagline is “connecting people, building communities”.

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