From 2011 to 2023, North London Cares connected older and younger neighbours to reduce loneliness and bridge intergenerational polarisation

The impact we made
Sarath And Francesca Cook

For 12 years, we worked to nurture socially connected communities in which people felt less lonely, more united and that they belong

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Avril 1

And we helped inspire a movement of people building community across the UK through simple relationships and a proactive approach

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We closed in November 2023 with a proud legacy, hope in the future and a sense of what's possible

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The Cares Family

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Script Club

Tackling, loneliness, leaving no one behind

by North London Cares

"I've never met Valerie or Nish or Tony in person, but I feel like I have. It's given me a connection at a time when that's been hard to come by. It's really funny but I think of them as my phone family now and I look forward to what we are going to chat about next!"- Cheryl