Cooking up a storm of Italian cuisine

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Wednesday 11th September 2019

If you have ever been down at Men's Cooking, no doubt you would have met Victor and chatted to him about all things cakes and cooking. Here he talks about his life and how he became part of North London Cares' Social Clubs.

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Bake the Difference

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Tuesday 3rd September 2019

This Great British Bake Off North London Cares are looking for our own Star Bakers - people who want to pick up that extra wooden spoon and host a bake sale in aid of North London Care! And what better way to do this than host your own North London Bake Off?

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Simple Pleasures

Posted by Andy Naylor on Monday 2nd September 2019

Anyone who has been to Kentish Town social club has had the pleasure of a chat with Laura Morris. Her delightful cackle and beaming smile have put hundreds of newcomers at ease over the years. Celebrating her 98th birthday this December, Laura has got many a story to tell and you can be sure you'll see that twinkling smile whenever ball room dancing is brought up. Read more about her here.

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Meet Your Neighbour: Aimee

Posted by Andy Naylor on Thursday 22nd August 2019

Aimee has been coming to North London Cares social clubs since the end of last year. She's walked the red carpet at the Marchmont film club, enjoyed an afternoon of jazz at the Jazz festival and been a lively and kind presence at so many more clubs. Read more about her here:

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Vicky's South Coast Marathon

Posted by Victoria Buckle on Tuesday 20th August 2019

Vicky started volunteering with North London Cares back in the summer of 2018, and when she saw the difference the Social Clubs were making to her local community she decided to go that extra mile - quite literally! - and fundraise by taking on the Beachy Head Marathon. 

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The Cares Family is hiring a Managing Director

Posted by Alex Smith on Monday 19th August 2019

The Cares Family (North London Cares, South London Cares, Manchester Cares, Liverpool Cares and East London Cares) is looking for an experienced senior leader to join our team as Managing Director. Learn more about the role and how to apply here. 

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We're hiring – join our team as Outreach Officer (5-month contract)

Posted by Emily Groves on Thursday 8th August 2019

North London Cares is hiring! Join our team for a really vital five month period, helping to manage one of the most ambitious and important areas of our work – our Winter Wellbeing project. We're looking for someone energetic, hard working, warm, approachable and organised. If that sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you...

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Lady Joke

Posted by Andy Naylor on Wednesday 7th August 2019

“I was shaking with nerves!” she remembers “As soon as I told the first joke and people started laughing I began to relax a bit and enjoy it. I’ve been asked to do another gig but I used everything I had at the first one!”

Elizabeth Ann is a very popular presence at social clubs, find out more about where she got the nickname "Lady Joke" here..

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Eight years on, we couldn't do this without you

Posted by Alex Smith on Monday 5th August 2019

Eight years ago this week, North London Cares was born amid rioting in our capital city. Today, eight years on, 7,000 people have been involved, sharing some 200,000 interactions between the generations. Thank you. 

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Meet Your Neighbour: Lauren

Posted by Andy Naylor on Thursday 1st August 2019

Lauren has been a younger neighbour for the past six months and is also attending events at South London Cares after moving over the river to Peckham. She is a regular at the Marchmont film club and enjoys singing her heart out at the choir! Find out more about her experiences here:

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