Starting at North London Cares

Posted by Judy Hallgarten on Wednesday 24th November 2021

I have just completed my first month as part of the North London Cares team as Head of Programmes. I have been made very welcome by the whole Cares Family as well as the amazing older and younger Neighbours I have met so far.

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"Wherever The Wind Takes Me"

Posted by Andy Naylor on Tuesday 2nd November 2021

At North London Cares we are very lucky to have a very talented photographer as one of our older neighbours. John Lane has been coming to social clubs for just over 3 years and has captured some beautiful moments with his trusty camera, making many of his friends smile when he prints out copies of his wonderful pictures for them. We sat down with John to chat all about his love of photography and what it means to him.

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Neighbours are doing it for themselves!

Posted by Andy Naylor on Tuesday 14th September 2021

Although we are delighted to be back running in-person social clubs, our digital and phone club programme is still as important to us as ever. We want to use this space to thank the amazing older and younger neighbours who have run digital clubs for us over the last year, they were all fantastic and we learnt so much from you!

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We're hiring: join our team as Head of Programmes

Posted by Charlie Jamieson on Friday 13th August 2021

North London Cares is hiring a new Head of Programmes – to oversee all our work, to build partnerships across Camden and Islington, and to support our wonderful team. Find out how you can apply to be part of the family.

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Tackling, loneliness, leaving no one behind

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Tuesday 8th June 2021

"I've never met Valerie or Nish or Tony in person, but I feel like I have. It's given me a connection at a time when that's been hard to come by. It's really funny but I think of them as my phone family now and I look forward to what we are going to chat about next!"- Cheryl

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Competition Winners!

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Wednesday 14th April 2021

“This activity is so meaningful as it encourages many neighbours to participate. I guess this activity would also cheer up many other neighbours when they receive the package.” Mengran, 26.

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A brave new world: how vaccinations are giving neighbours hope

Posted by Alex Smith on Monday 15th March 2021

Going to the doctors can be daunting for anyone. This is even more apparent at the moment, with pop up vaccination sites, Covid testing centres and GP surgeries joining together to cover larger neighbourhoods and areas. It can feel difficult to navigate or know who to turn to. Of course, a big topic of discussion is getting the Covid-19 vaccination. We asked a number of our neighbours from across The Cares Family to talk about their experience of receiving the vaccine.

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Phone A Friend – One year later

Posted by Rosie Britton on Friday 12th March 2021

Back in March 2020 we suspended our face-to-face programmes, opting to whip up a menu of new, reimagined programmes whilst everyone was told to stay at home.

Almost a year later, we’re reflecting on our Phone A Friend programme, and the friendships made during such a strange and difficult time.

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