Love Your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour is a friendship matching programme. It introduces younger and older neighbours living across Camden and Islington, matching them together to spend time one-to-one together, either over the phone, in-person or a mix of both.

On the Love Your Neighbour programme, friends generally catch up together once a week, to enjoy company and conversation. We match people based on proximity and try our hardest to bring people together based on mutual interests to create genuine, long-lasting friendships.

Meet Love Your Neighbour friends Harry, Emma, Maria and Mary-Ann in the film below:

As with all good friendships, a Love Your Neighbour match can bring company, companionship and connection – as well as stories of love and loss, hope and heartbreak.

As Polly told us of her relationship with Audrey:

"I've always wanted to spend time with an older person in the community as I'm so aware of the unnecessary isolation they can feel which is purely through circumstance. There are so many older individuals who have so much to offer, are fun to spend time with, and who you can learn a lot from. If I can help offer some company, I want to do that.

I love visiting Audrey every week. We've struck up a great, easy-going friendship. Just because there’s an age gap doesn’t mean we don’t have a lots in common. For example, we both love theatre, reading, ginger biscuits and car boot sales. We also listen to each other’s problems (Audrey always has great advice) and most importantly we make each other laugh."

And of course, the benefit of great friendships is that they're mutual. Audrey said in return:

"It's like magic. At Christmas, I had a little wrapped present every day from Polly and her husband Charlie. Today’s was a tin of macaroons. Charlie also bought me and Polly a shared gift – a crossword puzzle book, because we both love crosswords. I can’t praise North London Cares enough for the work they do.”

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Wael and Mel and Douglas and Jonathan – like dozens of other older and younger Londoners – have also become firm friends, sharing time together every week and building a friendship that both enjoy and value.

If you'd like to refer an older neighbour please follow this page down to our Older Neighbour Referral Form. To sign up as a volunteer fill in this short form and we'll get in touch. For general enquiries you can also get in touch via our Contact page.

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