A cause for celebration

As the nights become mystic and the days fade fast in our gaze, we fall into our winter selves and search for that long-lost hibernation button. Wrapping ourselves in warm woolly jumpers we slouch slowly into our comfort zone with the oversized pillows piled high and we assume our neighbours, friends, loved ones, and the rest of the population are doing the same, but here at North London Cares, our Love Your Neighbour matches are way too busy celebrating! 


Staying active, enthused and energised, Rita celebrated her birthday with her good friend Lavanya. The two enjoyed a catch up over the cake. Rita shared the joy brought from her cards and Lavanya captured the special day - and even added a cheeky snapchat filter! 

Img 9545

Next in line to celebrate in style – Michael and Dexter with a double whammy! Michael toasted another year while Dexter welcomed in a new decade (the big 3-0) with a homemade freedom pass, courtesy of Michael! 

Img 9546

The pairs have certainly managed to liven up their winter nights, both in and out of their homes. Although the winter months will inevitably challenge many older neighbours, our Love Your Neighbour friends will be the last to be defeated by the cold.

Francesca Lewis

Posted by Francesca Lewis on Thursday 8th November 2018

Francesca runs the Love Your Neighbour Programme in Camden at North London Cares

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