A Year in the Life of a Love Your Neighbour match

You may have seen ‘Love Your Neighbour’ match, Virdon (73), and her younger neighbour, Rou (23), on our social media pages over the last year or even got to know the pair at one of our social clubs at North London Cares.

Sadly, Rou has now returned home to China to complete her studies. However, she’ll be back in 2023 for her graduation and a reunion with Virdon too!

After enjoying meeting each other at a social club, Virdon and Rou made their friendship official and became a ‘Love Your Neighbour’ match in November 2021. Their first visit together was a huge success. Rou brought red apples as a gift for Virdon, traditionally given at Christmas, as they symbolise good health for the coming year.

Below is their story, as told through Rou’s visit logs:

Rou Virdon

“Very glad to have a lovely hour with Virdon! We talked a lot about the differences between the UK and Chinese culture, especially in terms of food.“

Rou Virdon Trash Outfits

Over the course of this year, the match had many an adventure, from Virdon discovering a Chinese supermarket in Camden to the many Social Clubs that they attended and enjoyed together.

“Virdon and I walked to Camden Town after the New Year; Virdon bought the Chinese mustard and bubble noodles I recommended!”

“We attended the NLC's pottery workshop and created creative pieces together. Meanwhile, we chatted about what's been going on lately.”

“We attended the NLC's eco-waste workshop together, where we created creative creations and danced together with our creations “

“We went to the NLC's board game workshop together, and it was my first time playing British Scrabble (it was too hard for me! But Virdon always helps me “cheat"😂) “

Virdon And Rou Selfie 1

When Rou's studies in London came to an end this Autumn, the pair planned a goodbye lunch together and sent us a final selfie. We look forward to the reunion photos this Spring!

“The last time I met up with Virdon, we ate Xinjiang food with the funding provided by the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ programme (it's Chinese food with a twist) we talked about why I had to leave London and how I would miss Virdon so we made a date to meet up again next year for my graduation.

We also made a pact to write to each other to keep in touch, also the NLC team members said they would attend the graduation ceremony together (how warm and kind community!!!) Rou will always be a member of the community!