Age is just a number when it comes to loneliness and isolation.

We all lost social connections during the height of the pandemic and it hasn’t been easy getting them back or creating new ones for that matter. Many people realised how small their social bubble was outside of work or studies and found themselves wanting more or something different. Covid made us look within our communities, we met some of our neighbours for the first time. We learnt who was vulnerable and needed support.

During this time North London Cares created new friendship connections on the phone, some of those like Morenike & Rosie have been going strong for over a year and recently met in person for the first time and enjoyed some long promised jollof rice together!

"Every time I speak to Morenike it is a blessing, she is so positive and cheeky and we have a laugh…."she is so interesting and funny and even when I feel sad/stressed during the day once I have had a call with her, my day seems brighter and lighter" Rosie

Stanley Poppy

Other friendships have recently blossomed such as that of Stanley & Poppy who have quickly bonded over their love of cooking.

"Stan and I seem to spend most of our time chatting about cooking or our favourite things to eat so this week we arranged to cook a chicken casserole together." - Poppy ,30

Posted by on Tuesday 10th May 2022