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Work Place Visits are always a highlight of the social clubs calendar and never fail to attract both regular older neighbours and new members of the community. Over the last three months we have visited Moveable Ink in Kings Cross, Take Two in Goodge Street and Ares Mangement in Mayfair. All three visits have been very different but equally enjoyable and offered the neighbours the chance to engage with new technology, chat with the staff and be treated to some fantastic food!

From trying out the newest computer games on the market to visiting a bee garden on a fifth floor balcony, the visits are always packed with surprises and new experiences. Most visits normally include an opening talk from one of team about the history of the company and day to day working life. From there the neighbours often find themselves working in teams with their new friends in order to complete an activity, usually ending in lots of laughter!

T2 Games

Isabel came to her first North London Cares event in April and went on her first workplace visit last week. She said "I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was absolutely blown away by the whole experience. The staff were so hospitable and friendly and the activities they had planned were so fun, they really helped gel us all together. I even won a bottle of non alcoholic prosecco which was the icing on the cake!"

Moveable Ink

Sarath has been coming to North London Cares events since 2018 and is a regular at work place visits. He has really enjoyed seeing how different modern work places are to the environment he was working in.

"The visits are always a real eye opener for me to different types of work and new technologies that I didn't have to use. What's really great is the way that lots of the younger people seem to really enjoy working for their companies. It looks like their mental health and physical health is being taken care of, this is something that wasn't always the case when I was working"

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We are always looking for new experiences we can offer our brilliant neighbours and would love to hear from you if you would be interested in having us in for a visit. Please contact Imogen our amazing Development Manager at [email protected] if you would like some more information on how you could get your company involved.

Andy Naylor

Posted by Andy Naylor on Friday 1st July 2022

Andy is a Programme Coordinator (Social Clubs) at North London Cares