Bake the Difference

Can you bake the difference?

This Great British Bake Off North London Cares are looking for our own Star Bakers - people who want to pick up that extra wooden spoon and host a bake sale in aid of North London Care! And what better way to do this than host your own North London Bake Off?

During National Baking Week (14th-20th October 2019) we are inviting you to rise up to the challenge and host your very own bake sale or bake off. It can be anywhere you like, but ideal places would be  in your workplace, an afternoon tea with friends at home or at a local community event.

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What do you need?

To host you very own Bake Off or Bake Sale all you need is:

  • Bakers (are your friends and colleagues up for a challenge or to get baking for your sale?)

  • Judges (maybe your CEO?)

  • Recipes (why not go all out and use recipes from a technical or showstopper challenge?)

  • A venue (work, home, local community event)

And with that you can begin! The winning bake could even be sold at a higher price.

You don’t even need to make just sweet bakes - catch the lunch crowd and why not make pasties, quiches and pies?

Why a bake sale?

Your bake sale could help fund a fun activity at one of our Social Clubs.

£50 could buy the materials for a craft session, a yoga instructor, or a dance teacher to bring your neighbours together to share time, so when we say you can bake a difference, you really can.

Bake sales are not only a great way of connecting with the wider community but they also improve your sense of wellbeing and your mental health. They are a simple and fun way of raising money and can really make a difference.

So grab your spatula, greaseproof paper, sieve and LET’S BAKE.


Need some more inspiration? Why not make a fruit cake using older neighbour Deslyn’s top tips! 

Firstly: you have to “steam” the fruit in wine before you start baking

Secondly: you need to make sure there is not too much icing and marzipan; too much will make it too sweet!

Thirdly: in order to stick the marzipan to the cake, use jam, and mix some of the wine with it (or sherry) and heat it through for a minute so it's easy to spread

Imogen Duffin

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Development Coordinator

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