Competition Winners!

In our February #AloneTogether packs, alongside activities such as creating a mask for Mardi Gras and making pancakes, we were delighted to offer a light hearted competition for our community. The task? Design stickers to be included in our May activity pack!

Thanks to an order from Discount Sticker Printing, a custom sticker and label printing company, we’ll be able to send over a hundred stickers to our community of 1,350 older and younger neighbours in our May #AloneTogether pack.

We are delighted to announce there were three winners- Mengran, Robert and Fran. All who created beautiful stickers, here is what Mengran and Robert said.

Nlc Sticker Red Heart

Robert, 75
Robert has been part of our community for two years and has enjoyed coming along to our LSO Social Clubs, pre Covid-19.

"I just stuck out to me and I thought I have a very simple idea I can do. It's nice to know the idea got so far!"

Mengran, 26
“When I feel happy, I could pass on my happiness to other neighbours. When I feel lonely, the social activities here could also bring me comfort and give me support.”

Mengran joined our community in 2019 and since March 2020, has enjoyed coming along to over 40 virtual social clubs. In January 2021, she hosted her first social club, talking to over 30 of her fellow older and younger neighbours about the Lunar New Year.

Love Compass

Here is what she said about taking part in the competition:

“As to the reason why I designed the sticker, it must be my real feelings about being a volunteer of North London Care. I joined this organisation just two or three months after my arrival at London, so a substantial part of my memories about London is related to my experience of being part of North London Cares.

North London Cares is a big family where older and younger neighbours share their love with each other, and this is especially important for every member during this lockdown. Therefore, this sticker means that North London Cares could always help you find the direction of love. This love could either be the one you want to give others or the one available for you.”

We completely agree, Mengran!

Fran, 37
Here is Fran’s beautiful sticker. Fran has been part of our north London community since 2016. An integral part of our face-to-face clubs, Fran has also come along regularly to our virtual social clubs. Since she became part of our community, she has attended 67 clubs, has taken on a half marathon to fundraise, in addition to donating to support North London Cares.

Nlc Sticker Circle 2

Thank you to everyone who took part. If you are interested in joining our community, whether through taking part in our activities, or fundraising, you can register your interest here.

If you are interested in Discount Sticker Printing, you can check their website out here.

Imogen Duffin

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Wednesday 14th April 2021

Development Coordinator

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