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Gracie took part in the #RemoteRelay for North London Cares last year and spoke to us recently on her tips on taking part in a 10K run and why she decided to do it for North London Cares.

What made you take on the #RemoteRelay?

I signed up to the #RemoteRelay challenge as my flatmate was preparing a speech for North London Cares, the charity she volunteers for. She was presenting to the rest of her advertising agency on the amazing work North London Cares do and encouraging people to sign up to the #RemoteRelay in July 2020. I was so inspired by her talk that she encouraged me to sign up too. Although I had never run more than 5KM I always like a challenge and so I agreed to run 10KM and raise money for such a brilliant cause.

What did you enjoy about it?

I really liked having the commitment of running each week, getting fit and bringing a purpose to my day. During 2020 times were of course very tough, but getting back into running really helped me with a positive mind set and having an excuse to go outside. I also enjoyed getting away from my laptop screen, completely switching off and listening to music or a podcast.

I also enjoyed seeing all the positive messages for the key-workers and rainbows in the windows of houses on my runs. There was always a new street to run through and another rainbow in the window to spot.


Was it tough/easy?

I would be lying if I said it was easy but it was definitely not impossible. Your mind set is so powerful and if you believe you can do it then you can! It’s amazing that by going on regular runs and pushing yourself on each run to go that little bit further will really build your stamina and gradually be able to do longer distances.

On the actual 10KM I set off just before 8am on a lovely summer’s morning. I definitely had a lot of adrenaline and was both nervous and excited. My mind set throughout the run helped me complete the challenge and knowing the money raised would be supporting so many people really motivated me to get to the finish line!

How did you find fundraising?

I set up a Just Giving Page and let my friends and family know I was raising money for North London Cares by taking part in the #RemoteRelay and running 10KM. I didn’t find the fundraising too stressful as I made sure to set up my page a month before the event. I didn’t organise any events, as there was a limit to what I could do due to Covid. However, thinking about it now I could have raised money via running a virtual event. Although I think most people were pretty quizzed out by the summer!


What motivated you whilst running/preparing for running?

I realised more than ever how important the support from North London Cares was during a particular difficult and uncertain time with the pandemic. I thought of the isolated, elderly people who had to shield for months and how lonely this must be.

I also had so much encouragement and support from Imogen from North London Cares and she was always there if I ever needed an answer to a question. I felt so supported and I loved the idea of making a baton as part of the challenge!

Would you do it again?

Yes and I can’t quite believe it but I have now signed up to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon this year!


Any tips to anyone taking on a 10K?

- Definitely make sure to clock your running on a running app. I use the Nike running app and it’s a great way to see how far you’ve run and set challenges.

- Invest in a good pair of trainers and blister plasters!

- If you aren’t a regular runner then I would definitely recommend downloading the ‘Coach to 5K’ app as it’s a brilliant way to get into running.

- Make sure to have a good running playlist or podcast to listen to.

- Remember it’s so much about your mindset and if you think you can do it then you definitely can!

Good luck!!!

Feel inspired to take on a 10K? The #RemoteRelay is back between 3rd-17th May 2021, sign up now and make a difference by running, wheeling or walking 10K.

Imogen Duffin

Posted by Imogen Duffin on Thursday 11th March 2021

Development Coordinator

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