How a Love Your Neighbour friendship can span space and time

A good friendship can span the decades – and the continents! Every day, our Love Your Neighbour programme brings together older and younger Londoners for long-term friendships and company, and a great example of this is our friends Joy and Jen.

Volunteer Jen (also of social clubs fame) has been visiting Joy for over a year, picking up some shopping on a Thursday morning and stopping in afterwards for a coffee and cake. When Jen went travelling to China and Australia last year she was very sad to not be seeing Joy – and vice versa – but they’ve kept in touch with phone calls and postcards ever since.

Joy was especially keen to see Jen’s photos but had no way of accessing them online. So in a flash of inspiration, Jen found a website that allows you to make customised photo albums and get them delivered to your door – or a friend's.

So, a couple of months ago, Joy woke up to a beautifully made personalised book of photos from her friend Jen over 10,000 miles away.

Joy and all your other friends at North London Cares are looking forward to seeing you when you come home, Jen!

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Posted by on Thursday 7th April 2016

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