Love Your Neighbour friends in May

Throughout May new Love Your Neighbour pairs have enjoyed meeting for the first time and sharing stories together. 

Love Your Neighbour connects younger and older neighbours across Camden and Islington to spend time together one-to-one, sharing company and conversation. Love Your Neighbour friends hang out on a regular basis.   

Joy loved telling MaryEllen, who only moved to Holloway a few months ago, the history of their neighbourhood. Joy has lived in Islington her whole life, and so she knows the area inside out! 

"You know the pub on the corner of Lorraine road?" Joy asked MaryEllen.

"Yes- I've been there a few times. It's so big inside!" 

"It used to be a theatre called The Coronet." 

"Ah! I've always wondered what it was." MaryEllen exclaimed.

They discovered that they had both worked in bakeries at one point, and Joy told MaryEllen about the history behind the building which now houses Camden Town Sainsbury’s, which was the bakery where she once worked.

“That used to be the factory for the Aerated Bread Company. We used to make all the things which were served in the tearooms. I made the pats of butter; I had to turn a handle to pipe the butter out into little dishes. I was on my feet all day. When you finished your shift, you had to wipe down the floor where you stood as it had got so greasy from all the butter! We also made all of the sandwiches, cutting up the cheese and bacon ourselves by hand.”

MaryEllen told Joy about her job in turn, and they had a good chat about the areas of Ireland that they had both visited. MaryEllen has Irish family, and Joy has friends in Ireland.

When Love Your Neighbour friends Nell and Charlotte met, they also enjoyed chatting about their joint local area.

“There used to be all sorts of shops along Junction Road. There was a greengrocer, a fishmonger, and a butcher. I can’t believe how many cafes and restaurants there are now.”

Charlotte agreed, “I’ve been here for ten years now, and it’s changed a lot in that time, so it must have changed a great deal since you’ve been living here.”

Nell, aged 97, has lived around Archway her whole life.

Nell and Charlotte also agreed that Archway has a neighbourhood feel to it, and were happy to discover that they only lived a few hundred metres away from one another.

Both pairs were looking forward to meeting up again soon. 

Nell And Charlotte
Helena Kipling

Posted by Helena Kipling on Thursday 1st June 2017

Helena the Love Your Neighbour Programme Coordinator at North London Cares.

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