Meet Your Neighbours: Sarah

Sarah Marshall 1

Sarah is a Graphic Designer who has been living in London for 18 years, she only intended to stay here for three! She is a regular younger neighbour at the Kentish Town social club on a Wednesday afternoon and Pub club in Clerkenwell on a Thursday.

What was the first North London Cares event that you attended?

"Ha, there's been quite a few now but I'm pretty sure my first one was a social at the Peel centre a few years ago. I can remember thinking how well organised it was and how welcome I was made to feel. There was a quiz and we must have done pretty well as we all got some chocolate at the end! I remember being taken aback by how much get up and go the older neighbours had and how active in the community they were. It put me to shame!"

Sarah Marshall 2

What has been your favourite experience with North London Cares so far?

"There's been so many! I have loved getting to know the older and younger neighbours at Kentish Town so well. We all have a hug as soon as we see each other which is really nice and makes me feel part of a big family. One of the neighbours, John, calls me Fergie, because he kept forgetting Sarah. We laughed about it and talked about famous Sarahs and now that nickname has stuck!

The Christmas party was so much fun and you could tell how much work had gone into it. We had a conga going round the whole community centre and a snow machine! It was so lovely seeing everyone acting like big kids in the snow, It was such a laugh and a few of us went for a drink in the pub afterwards to carry on the fun! 

Whenever Im in a mood before a club, I always feel so much better when I leave."

Sarah Marshall 3

What advice would you give to a younger neighbour attending their first club?

"Don't be intimidated, everyone is there because they want to be and just want to have a chat and some fun. Asking if someone wants a cup of tea is a great ice breaker and usually starts a great conversation. I've learnt so much and laughed a lot!"

Where do you like to go in Camden or Islington to feel happy?

"Gigs at Scala or the roundhouse are usually really fun. Watching live music always makes me happy!"

Andy Naylor

Posted by Andy Naylor on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Andy is a Programme Coordinator (Social Clubs) at North London Cares

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