"My walk from London 2 Brighton": by younger neighbour Fi

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It had never occurred to me to do something physically challenging. But when I witnessed the life-changing work of North London Cares and South London Cares, I felt inspired to take on a challenge to help support such a great cause.

I wanted to do the London 2 Brighton walk because it was not only a physical, but also a mental challenge. I managed to rope in a few friends to take part as well – though they now probably won't speak to me for a while!

Throughout the lead up to the challenge, I received amazing support from North London Cares, making me feel more than willing and ready to take on the journey.

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On the day, the 100km walk was not only physically demanding (I have the odd blister and sore leg-muscle to prove it!) but also a test of mental perseverance. But I couldn’t have asked for a better group of fellow walkers. 

They showed me how kind humanity can be. Throughout the walk, they were encouraging and continuously positive. And the older neighbours I met prior to taking part really helped me to keep going through the hard moments where I felt myself lagging in energy. 

And although the path was long (and sometimes rather muddy), and though the dark scared me a little through the night, and though my legs may not forgive me for a while, every single step was worth taking; not just to raise money for such a worthy cause, but also to remind myself that community – being together and spending time with others from all walks of life – is truly what a happy life is all about.

Fi Mason

Posted by Fi Mason on Friday 30th June 2017

Fi is a volunteer with North London Cares. 

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