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On a sun drenched Saturday morning, our new social club hit the airwaves...

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This January we've been over the moon to launch a new collaborative Social Club with older and younger neighbours, creating a North London Shares.FM radio show! At 11am last Saturday, we gathered over Zoom, and it didn't take look to get our new local community radio show cooking.

In these turbulent times, intergenerational connection is the constant in our ever changing and growing community. We think it looks like:

  • Individuals collaborating, sharing what is important to them with respect for others
  • Discovering how wee see and experience things differently
  • Recognising what we can learn from each other and what we can find common ground in
  • Celebrating local legends and other community organisations & partners too - it's part of our very core values!

We asked our neighbours (especially those who can’t join us at clubs virtually or by phone - we miss you!) to send in ideas for segments and suggestions for the show. Younger neighbour Laura got in touch after our first club, with a great one:

“I had a thought when a couple of people mentioned playing the piano (I do too). How about a segment where people can play a piece? I'd happily play something for the group.”

Positive News

When tasked with sharing positive news and cultural recommendations in the culture corner, there was a resounding agreement in what our neighbours wanted to share and discuss together….the power of community and connection!

Becca explained how a billionaire gave away their wealth to worldwide causes and make a difference. Whilst not having millions to donate herself, she did reflect on ways we can all contribute:

“Dina and Laura were saying how it’s really important to think about how we can use our time meaningfully. There’s ways we can apply that ourselves in our own lives.”

Laura’s positive news story focused on a boy called Toby, who aged 5 decided that he wanted to write a letter to every country in the world. 💌

“I thought it was really lovely and highlights the fact that the world can feel really small if you decide to reach out.”

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The Culture Corner

In the culture corner, older neighbour Kate and Aimee mused on music and books they could recommend. Kate’s passion for her community shone through, as she shared her personal recommendations and why it was so important to her.

"I would chose at this very minute, Listen by Beyonce. We worked on it in our choir and we had the Samaritans volunteers come along to talk to us before we started singing, to tell us in their own words what listening really means."

Agony Aunts

Pearl and Fran, this month’s Agony Aunts, decided that they weren’t quite up to the job, but after hearing Sarath and Ed in their spotlight interview of one another, decided they would make better Agony Uncles. With their complementary straight talking and empathetic natures, neighbours all agreed they made a dream duo!

Fran talked about how herself and older neighbour Pearl had been keeping busy during lockdown with creative tasks.

“Pearl was doing lots of zoom classes with drawing and colouring, and I got a sculpting kit from the home. We noticed we had both been quite creative, but don’t really have any advice on how to get there. Don’t come to us if you need any real advice, but do come to us if you want to have a natter and a good conversation!’’

The Spotlight Interview

Younger neighbour Ed and older neighbour Sarath asked each other 3 questions and a friendship flourished fast. Sarath is no stranger to sharing at social clubs, having hosted a Sri Lanka Social Club for neighbours on Zoom in December.

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What one thing can instantly make your day better?

Sarath: ‘Being gregarious and social with friends; having them over and sharing a meal.’

Ed: ‘Playing the piano. Classical music!’

Sarath : ‘I was so glad because we are both really into classical music and self taught ourselves to play the piano. I’m pretty bad, I think Ed is much better than I am. He said that's what brings him great pleasure and we were talking about a few classical musicians we like.’

Which of your personality traits are you most proud of?

Sarath : ‘The idea of feeling good and positive when someone else succeeds (the buddhist practice of mordita). Feeling good for another person can make you very grateful for what you have in your own life.’

Ed: ‘Empathy. Also to take your time with life - patience!’

Do you believe in karma?

Sarath : ‘No! You get out of life what you put in. No point thinking of good actions leading to eternal good life. You and I are in complete agreement on that (Ed). We don’t believe that just because you give donations to something, you can expect good to come back to you. It should be with your heart and you feel good about doing it.'

'Ed and I have similar interests, I was so glad I was able to talk to him. One day I would love to meet you for a coffee and we can talk face to face about things we both seem to enjoy.'

Ed: 'That would be fantastic Sarath!'

Hello Caller 1 Are You There 1

The DJs

The disc jockeys selected 🌟 5 star tunes 🌟 for this month's playlist. Younger neighbour Henry was thrilled to be in this segment as he had spent many hours hosting and DJing on the radio previously. In an ode to all good DJs, we also welcome Tony to this segment over the phone.

Tony attends our phone clubs on Tuesday and Thursdays. He has had a few issues with his phone recently so we have been trying a Zoom feature where we can ‘dial in’ neighbours who can join by accepting the call with a few buttons and at no cost to them.

We’re more than familiar with tech issues and barriers neighbours face at our virtual social clubs, but it’s still disappointing when neighbours get cut off or have difficulties during the club. It’s the reality of these virtual spaces we inhabit that requires patience and kindness; something our North London Cares neighbours have an abundance of.

All was resolved (‘you’re on mute!’ you may hear us cry) in time for Tony to tell us ‘it was good putting it together. Very good!’ No neighbour was surprised to hear about one of Tony's favourite gigs too: dancing for hours outdoors next to Stonehenge.

Tony hosted a phone-in poetry club in December. 17 older and younger neighbours rocked up to hear him hold court and perform his poems! He loves to share his talents at social clubs and those neighbour led activities are a firm favourite across the network - we always know our friends will show up when someone takes the confident step to host a club for the enjoyment of the whole community.

Listen along to and follow the North London Shares.FM playlist each month.

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

These boots are made for walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra

Walk this way by RUN DMC feat. Aerosmith

Crocodile walk by John Mayall

Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed

A 🌟 BIG shout out to Noel, Kat, June and John 🌟 who served a catchy lil’ jingle for this month's show. It’s an instant earworm and you’re welcome!

Join us for next month's club as we tune back in to collaborate on more community led content. Come forward with ideas please and don’t be shy to suggest a segment you might like a starring role in!

Hannah Boulter

Posted by Hannah Boulter on Friday 29th January 2021

Programme Coordinator : Social Clubs


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