'Project Happiness'

For two consecutive weeks Islington neighbours young and old attended a social club in Clerkenwell that encouraged them to focus on all things happy! The clubs were organised by younger neighbour Emma, who was inspired by the Action for Happiness project, and it was a beaming success as the room was filled with positivity.

Emma shared some happiness techniques and inspired lots of love. The group learned that reminding themselves of what makes them happy, being thankful for the positive things that come your way, and meditation can all improve wellbeing - which is great to know.

Neighbours discussed what makes them happy and it was amazing to see that by simply talking about what makes you feel good resulted in everyone’s mood being lifted! 


Emma asked Islington neighbours “What has made you feel positive this week?”

“Having a lovely afternoon with my friends today”,The good feeling you have when the sun shines”, “going to the dance at the weekend and thoroughly enjoying it” – were shared from across the room from Harry, Marion, Edna & the gang. 

Girly On

The session ended with older neighbours Mike, Gwen and Heather confidently sharing their advice on how to lead a happy life with their younger neighbours. Here are a few of their pointers - “Keep smiling”, “Make the most of things and try something new even if you’re worried or have doubts” and “Get to know plenty of friends and the people around you”.

Older and younger neighbours had a lot to feel happy about after attending these clubs. They had seen friends and made some new ones along the way and come away with skills to keep them resilient and positive. 

Rosie Clewlow

Posted by Rosie Clewlow on Monday 3rd April 2017

Rosie is a Programme Coordinator (Social Clubs) at North London Cares

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