Sharing memories of Malta: Doris and Chiara

Meet Doris and Chiara, who became Love Your Neighbour friends in January. We caught up with them to see what they’d been getting up to now that they have been friends for six months. The Love Your Neighbour programme connects younger and older neighbours across Camden and Islington to spend time together one-to-one, sharing company and conversation on a regular basis.

“Time just flies whenever we meet up. We talk about everything and can chat for hours!” Chiara summed up her and Doris’ friendship.

The pair enjoy spending time together every Wednesday evening. Both Doris and Chiara grew up in Malta, and so they often share stories of their home country. Doris recently inspired Chiara with the story behind a Maltese Megalithic temple: “I remember learning about it at school, but I didn’t find it interesting until Doris told me about the statues and why they are there.”

Doris and Chiara enjoy talking about history and current affairs. They also share a passion for travel; Doris quizzed Chiara on her recent holiday to the Black Forest to see if Chiara had visited the same places as her. She enjoyed seeing Chiara’s holiday pictures, and they agreed that German beer was the best beer out there!

Doris said: “Chiara is a darling. She is everything that is good and is worth her weight in gold…She also makes the best cups of tea!” Both Doris and Chiara agree on the importance of making a cup of tea properly.

“Doris likes my tea. She would tell me if she didn’t!”

“Doris and I were saying that North London Cares is like a friend match-making service and it scored 100% for our match. We love our time together and make each other very happy. Doris is such a sweet, kind woman with such a big heart but she is also tough and knows how to stand up for herself! She is such a great role-model.”

We look forward to hearing more from Doris and Chiara soon

Doris And Chiara
Helena Kipling

Posted by Helena Kipling on Monday 26th June 2017

Helena the Love Your Neighbour Programme Coordinator at North London Cares.

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