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Tim and Gloria - a new friendship match

Please note: this post is 14 months old and The Cares Family is no longer operational. This post is shared for information only

We first spoke to Gloria (81) back in 2022. Gloria always finds something to laugh about even in difficult times, and always has a detailed new cross stitch project on the go.

When it came to matching Gloria up on Love Your Neighbour; our 1-2-1 friendship matching programme, we wanted to find someone who would match Gloria’s lovely energy.

When Tim (24) applied for Love Your Neighbour – we immediately thought of Gloria as a match. Tim is a graphic designer and loves trying new things and chatting to new people, as well as having a good laugh.

I let the pair know about each- other, and they were both very keen to meet. After setting up a date and surviving the downpour of rain on the way there – Tim and Gloria met for the first time! They chatted about family, friends and most importantly just had a good laugh about anything and everything.

Here’s an insight about what they got up to

Had yet another lovely time visiting Gloria! We talked a lot about dogs and her old cat Chloe who seemed to also be an independent queen like Gloria! We also had a good chat about her family and she showed me lots of family pics! We spoke about us going to her local park for coffee when the weather is nicer and warmer, she said she misses it! We took a selfie which she was obsessed with - we have titled it 2glorias 1tim. Tim.

It was fantastic seeing them get on so well, and North London Cares can’t wait to see where the friendship goes. If you are interested in meeting someone new in your community from a different generation – sign up to our volunteer inductions via our website to find out more about the programme. We can’t wait to hear from you.