Uncovering Camden's Treasure

Camden Town. A place of vibrancy and dynamism. A place where tourists and neighbours walk on the same street, enjoying all that the area has to offer. 

But Camden Town has seen a lot of change. And so much of its heritage and history is hidden – buried not only beneath new buildings, but also in the people who have lived in Camden for 60, 70 or 80 years. 

Which is why during the summer, we held a Treasure Hunt to uncover some of Camden Town's rich community fabric. 

Treasure Hunt Nlc Collage

Over the course of an afternoon, teams of young Londoners orienteered themselves between nine famous landmarks in Camden Town, listening to the memories of older neighbours who shared their stories of mischief and misadventure over the decades. 

At each point, the teams were given a task to complete based on each of our older neighbours' memories shared. 

Points were won for each task completed, with bonus points for creativity!


And at the end of the Treasure Hunt, older and younger neighbours came together for a big party. Patrick, Naomi and other younger neighbours met neighbours including Michael, Rosie and Virdon, whose stories they had uncovered during the Treasure Hunt. And in turn, they shared their own personal history of the borough. 

Treasure Hunt Party

The Treasure Hunt allows younger neighbours to uncover their city's past, helps our older neighbours to feel part of London's present, and through sharing stories, all can move forward together. 

As Namoi said, "It was fantastic. It was nice to get to know your older neighbours. There was a lot of energy."

Now, you can do the Treasure Hunt too! For a donation to North London Cares, the map, memories and task cards are available so that you can do it at any time. Team up with with friends, colleagues or friends and discover London's past through the older neighbours who have helped to make Camden Town the wonderful place it is. 

To find out more, or to get your hands on a copy of the Treasure Hunt, please email Victoria at [email protected] 


Thank you to the Big Lottery  for making this event possible, and to Dorothy for making this cracking film about the Treasure Hunt, which you can see below. 

Emily Quilter

Posted by Emily Quilter on Thursday 26th October 2017

Emily is the Director of Development for The Cares Family 

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