Winter Wellbeing 2014/15 - the final report

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Our Winter Wellbeing project 2014/2015 mobilised young people to help their older neighbours in Camden and Islington to stay warm, active, healthy and connected during the most isolating time of the year.

Through a combination of interactions, interventions, activities, grants and referrals to various local services, the project was commissioned by the joint Camden and Islington Public Health department to help us reach as many older neighbours as possible during the long, cold, dark winter months.

The full report on that work - the door-knocking, Social Clubs, partnerships and referrals - and an infographic to visualise the difference the project makes to local people are below. They demonstrate the importance of a targeted, preventative, inclusive approach to combating isolation, connecting local people to local activities and services that they can relate to and feel reassured by.

We're so grateful that you, our volunteers and supporters, make those vital interactions and interventions happen. Please do read the report and share the infographic - and stay in touch in the coming months as we plan for next winter's activities.

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Alex Smith

Posted by Alex Smith on Friday 1st May 2015

Alex is NLC's founder and CEO.

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