Winter Wellbeing 2019/20 – the final report

Every year for nine years, North London Cares' Winter Wellbeing project has helped older neighbours stay warm, active and connected in disconnecting times – through proactive outreach in our communities during the winter. 

Over the first eight years of the project, our teams of staff and volunteers had knocked on 18,133 doors, held 11,067 conversations with their older neighbours, made 2,263 specific interventions to help local people to stay connected, given out 789 blankets and other warm items, and supported neighbours who were most isolated by the cold weather with £13,100 in 216 small grants. 

In Winter 2019/20, we completed the project once again, working with Camden and Islington Councils to target our outreach in the neighbourhoods where it's most needed; to identify isolation behind closed doors; and to help our much-loved neighbours to get the connections to the community we all need.

Our small team knocked on 517 doors, held over 700 conversations, distributed 342 warm items and made 845 individual interventions to help our older neighbours stay connected. 

Today, the short and frosty winter days feel distant. The Covid-19 pandemic has North London Cares to adapt how we reach and connect older and younger people. But this moment of universal isolation has also revealed the depth of loneliness and disconnection in our communities. Our Winter Wellbeing report highlights many of those local issues, and some of the neighbours who have already benefited from finding new connections in disconnecting times in these difficult times. 

At the core of that approach is a human touch, a listening ear and a holistic approach – each of which defines the Winter Wellbeing project and North London Cares' general work, especially in these extraordinary times. 

We're proud of this ninth Winter Wellbeing project, and grateful to all our older and younger neighbours, and the supporters who made it happen. Please read the full report and infographic below, and sign up to be part of the community.

Read the full Winter Wellbeing 2019/20 report here >>

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Roxi Rustem

Posted by Roxi Rustem on Monday 6th July 2020

Roxi is North London Cares' Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

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