Your neighbours' hidden talents

Older neighbours have always got some amazing stories or skills up their sleeves. Through our Love Your Neighbour programme, they get to share their experiences and talents with other neighbours in our community network.

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Doreen in Canonbury is a fan of crafts. She loves to knit, sew and cross stitch in her spare time. She’s eager to pass on her skills, which isn’t surprising given she worked in a school for most of her life.

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John used to be chef for some pretty famous rock stars when he was younger. He even worked at a royal wedding. Now retired and living in Kentish Town, he spends a lot of this time making music, playing the keyboard or one of his three guitars.

Patrick moved to Camden Town from Grenada in the ‘50s. He’s a DC fanatic and has been picking up comics for years. And don’t get him started on sci-fi!

Me Esther

Younger neighbours always say they get a lot out of spending time with their older neighbours, whether through sharing stories, skills or advice. Tina and Esther have been hanging out since September. Tina recently reflected that, “it’s been really interesting hearing about Esther’s life, her stories and her family. And for her, I think it helps to keep things in the past more present."

If you’re a young professional living or working in Camden and Islington, you could meet some amazing people and learn something new by taking part in Love Your Neighbour. If you want to meet John, Doreen or Patrick, then get involved!

Harry Jenkins

Posted by Harry Jenkins on Friday 16th March 2018

Harry runs the Love Your Neighbour Programme in Islington at North London Cares

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