"We’ve given each other mutual purpose."

Chloe has volunteered for North London Cares for the past three years. In May, she will be taking on her second challenge in aid of the charity. But what inspired her to fundraise yet again? In this blog, Chloe explains why she's walking 100km for her community. 

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I’m not going to lie, I am at a point where I have become a little saturated by demands for donations to charity causes. I’m overwhelmed. How do I know where my money is going? How do I know it’s going to do good? How can I be confident it’s reaching those that need it most?

With that in mind you may wonder why I am penning a blog about fundraising. Well, it’s because I’ve crazily signed up to walk 100km from London to Brighton for North London Cares. 

Despite its size, the big smoke can be a lonely place – older neighbours remain in the same homes they’ve been in for years while the neighbourhoods around them constantly change and evolve into something unrecognisable. Sadly, part of these changes can mean a breakdown in the tight-knit communities they once knew.

Having started my relationship with North London Cares as a volunteer back in 2014, I have seen the amazing work they do first hand to bring communities together again. I’ve waltzed with Margaret, knitted with Laura, planted leeks with Ray and enjoyed a tipple with June and John. These activities may sound frivolous and fluffy, but they provide a lifeline for people living in isolation in one of the world’s busiest cities.

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But that’s just one side of the story. When I first started volunteering I was yearning to feel like I was part of a community. Working in a fast paced job, I felt like a little cog in a big wheel. It became all consuming and I missed the wise nuggets, perspective and comfort that only older people with life experience can offer. Volunteering with North London Cares has opened my eyes up to a whole new community. I’ve made new friends, young and old, and we’ve given each other a mutual purpose in life.

If all of that doesn't sell it, then I have one more weapon in my armoury of reasons to sign up to the big walk. I sit at a desk for most of the day and I'm almost allergic to exercise. So on a slightly selfish note, the walk is giving me a goal to get fit and healthy for. Win win! 

So why not set yourself a new challenge this year and join us on 27th May! 

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If you'd like to join Chloe and our growing team taking on the London 2 Brighton 100km walk (27th – 28th May) then head to this blog for more information. There's currently 2 for 1 offer on, meaning you and a friend both get 50% off the registration fee. You can also check out all of our challenge events in 2017 here

Chloe Fox

Posted by Chloe Fox on Friday 27th January 2017

Chloe has volunteered for North London Cares since 2014.

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