Announcing the closure of The Cares Family charities

Posted by North London Cares on Tuesday 31st October 2023

The Board of Trustees is deeply sad to share that The Cares Family charities will cease operating immediately, due to insolvency. We know this news is sudden and will come as a shock. We’re fiercely proud of the work of our charities in tackling loneliness and isolation across London, Manchester and Liverpool, and in supporting others across the UK to make a similar difference in their own communities.

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Tea with London Business School

Posted by North London Cares on Monday 30th October 2023

What a treat! At the beginning of this month, we were invited to the London Business School for a spectacular afternoon tea in celebration of Silver Sunday.

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My first 4 months as Outreach Coordinator

Posted by North London Cares on Wednesday 26th July 2023

I joined North London Cares just over four months ago and, in this time, I have had the opportunity to reflect on and appreciate how so much of the work that we do relies on relationships and community effort.That may be an obvious thing to notice – after all, building relationships between neighbours, creating spaces for connection and facilitating what might be perceived as “unlikely” friendships is what we do.

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What's a phone club?

Posted by North London Cares on Monday 30th January 2023

Phone clubs were created during the lockdowns of 2020, but have remained as a monthly club because they are such fun and a great way to keep connected to our community across north London.

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